Apply for services

We are currently accepting applications for service in the 2019-2020 school year. To begin the application process, please call (407)-412-6690 during our business hours.

Information included in the application process
• Caregivers’ name(s)
• Caregivers’ phone number(s)
• Caregivers’ email(s)
• Applicant’s name
• Applicant’s age
• Applicant’s current school (if applicable)
• Applicant’s diagnosis (if applicable)
Developmental Disability
Down Syndrome
Smith Magenis Syndrome
Learning Disability
Speech Impairment
Prader Willi Syndrome
• Applicant’s funding source
McKay Scholarship
Gardiner Scholarship
Private pay
Awaiting scholarship approval
• Behavioral concerns of applicant
Hits peers
Hits adults
Hits self
Bites peers
Bites adults
Bites self
Pulls hair
Spits at peers
Spits at adults
Kicks peers
Kicks adults
• Communication skills of applicant
No functional vocal communication
Uses some functional vocal communication
Functionally requests preferred items/activities vocally
Vocally communicates in sentences
Exchanges pictures
Communicates with simple gestures
Communicates with complex gestures
Uses and augmentative device to communicate
• Academic skills of applicant
Recites the alphabet with some errors
Recognizes numbers from 0-9
Recites alphabet with no errors
Recognizes numbers from 0-20
Points to corresponding numbers when vocally instructed
Points to corresponding letters when vocally instructed
Reads beginner books (e.g., one sentence on a page with a picture)
Reads intermediate books (e.g., multiple sentences on a page with a picture)
Reads books on his/her stated grade level
Can independently match numbers to corresponding quantities
Can perform single-digit math operations (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.)
Can perform math skills at grade level