About Us

“Our mission at Lodestone Academy is to provide the best possible education in the functional, daily living, developmental, and academic domains. Using a research-based approach to deliver the most current and effective interventions and treatments, our goal is to exceed the expectations of those we serve and improve the academic and behavioral status of our clients using applied behavior analysis, getting our clients back into the community and sustaining a better quality of life including being respected, treated fairly, and with dignity.”

-Josh Pritchard, Ph.D., BCBA-D Founder of Lodestone Academy


Lodestone Academy offers behavior analytic school services to individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and/or behavioral issues. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is always on-site and reviews all client programming on a daily basis and is supported by the BCBA-D (doctoral level). In addition, all staff are trained in crisis management (Safety Care) and trained in fundamentals of providing behavior analytic services.

Data Analysis and Review: All student’s data are graphed on a daily basis and analyzed by the behavior specialist and clinical director. Students’ programming are all behavior analytic in nature and includes but not limited to methods such as discrete trial training, natural environment training, Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, and task analyses.

In addition, Lodestone Academy also offers academic services to individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and/or behavioral issues. Currently, Lodestone Academy utilizes a certified teacher to help with teaching, lesson planning, and using effective research based teaching strategies to enhance learning. All staff go through extensive training in individualized education plans, lesson planning, reading interventions, goal writing, and role play different scenarios that may happen in the classroom. Although we have a wide range of student age (from 9-22 years old), it is depending on the functioning level of each student, we will run academic assessments to gauge where each student is academically in math, reading, writing, receptive communication, expressive communication, self-care, and job/life skills. Assessments that we use to measure the before mentioned domains are The Brigance, VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, Work Inventory Skills Assessment, Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol Assessment, Essentials for Living Assessment, S.T.A.R Assessment, Assessment for Functional Living, Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities, Social Skills Assessment, and many more. Depending on the needs of the students will determine which assessment is best suited for their needs.

When working on academics, we follow Sunshine State Standards as closely as possible to teach age/grade appropriate subject matter. All academic achievement is monitored and graphed for multiple reasons. A few of those reasons are to monitor teaching effectiveness, track student progress, provide IEP updates and to set-up teaching systems for future students.